Mexico is working with the DC-based Global Action on Gun Violence to push for “impactful gun violence prevention strategies” in the US.

The primary focus is to curb the flow of American-made guns to Mexico.

Mexico has the world’s fifth-largest number of unregistered guns in civilian hands, according to a September report from the Arms Control Association.

Gun violence is endemic in Mexico and impacts its agricultural, tourism, transportation and investment sectors.

The US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms reports that 70 percent of firearms seized at Mexico crime scenes came from the US.

Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs estimates more than $250M in guns were trafficked from the US in 2021.

GAGV is to handle outreach to federal, state, and/or local government officials, participate in forums, and publish reports, fact sheets, and other public-facing communications regarding gun violence prevention.

A federal court in Boston last month threw out Mexico’s $10B suit against American gunmakers that charged them with reckless business practices that enabled the flow of guns to Mexico, leading to thousands of deaths.

Mexico has promised to appeal the decision.