BML Public Relations + Digital president and CEO Brian Lowe tells Doug Simon that there's a compelling reason why brands should make fun a part of their messaging.

"Studies show that fun increases serotonin levels, which is the chemical that regulates most of our basic processes, like sleep, memory, and mood," Lowe says. "So, it's a very powerful tool that brands can and should harness to build awareness, engagement and loyalty."

Back before the COVID pandemic did a number on the world's overall fun level, Lowe says that "brand marketers were doing a lot of creative stunts from a PR standpoint and just creative marketing in general. And it really feels like we're not back to those pre-pandemic levels yet."

According to Lowe, consumers think that it's time for the fun to come back. When BML surveyed over 2,000 people (focusing on food and beverage, quick service, restaurant business and travel), over 85 percent of them said that it's time for the fun to return in marketing campaigns. (See the survey at

So what do consumers think makes a brand fun? A majority of consumer across the board (62 percent) said humor in a brand’s TV, radio, online, social and or print helps them consider a brand fun. But there were some demographic differences—older people migrated towards jingles, while the younger generations wanted to see celebrity involvement.

Even for brands that aren't known for being fun, Lowe says that humor has a part to play. "You can still have a conservative or more serious brand and still, again, have fun. So, from our standpoint, we look at it as, you know, be self-deprecating, or just try and be funny, or just not what your audience is used to."

The bottom line, Lowe tells Simon, is "knowing your audience, knowing the line of the brand, and their audience, and their target consumer."

And despite a media landscape characterized by "gloom and doom," Lowe says that it's "important to approach your clients in an in a positive way with a wide range of creative thought and what you think is a reality, and what is feasible within budget."

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