The beauty of metaverse events, Meetaverse by Allseated marketing director Nick Borelli tells Doug Simon, is that they allow attendees to be much more than passive observers.

Borelli says that Meetaverse's events, which focus on B2B commmunicators, basically come down to two categories—connections and education. "So that says content and networking," he notes.

Metaverse events may be more than clients with very straightforward goals need to have. "If you don't need attendees to be giving as well as receiving," more traditional broadcast option may well do the trick.

The access that it gives attendees is "one of the most impactful aspects of the Metaverse," Borelli says. "What we've had in the past, maybe, let's say five or six years, is the onset of one-way digital communication that has enabled many more people to consume ideas, but they're actually not part of the community if they're not giving back." That, he tells Simon, is what the metaverse lets attendees do.

Video content, Borelli says is key to metaverse events. "It's everything when it comes to these environments because it's the ability to give people choice in what they consume, the video volume and variety that one can have, and an event where the attendee has the ability to go and roam and go where they choose and consume what they want for as long as they want."

Helping attendees navigate their way through the virtual environment and make connections is also essential to success in the metaverse.

Borelli stresses the imporance of signage. "Your wayfinding through signage is an important element of the experience design." He also cites the need to keep things "organic," stressing the human element."It's not click on the third box until you get a dropdown arrow."

The ability to connect one on one is also a big plus, he says. "You can actually have a private conversation within this boisterous environment."

But thread that pulls it all together, Borelli says, is the sense of engagement and enthusiasm that metaverse can create.

Because of that, "high energy" people can really give metaverse events the extra push that puts them over the top. "They'll kick off conversations. They'll get people thinking and then they'll you leave them to their own devices. And what you'll find is an exponential increase in in that spreading of that enthusiasm. If an event doesn't change behavior, it's not really an event, But creating a change agent Now that's next level."

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