Tim Ryan
Tim Ryan

How out of touch is the New York Times? The paper can’t figure out how Democratic Congressman Tim Ryan has a good shot of beating author and venture capitalist JD Vance in the Ohio Senate seat.

The Times published a huge analysis of Ryan on the front page of the Oct. 24 paper, as if he just fell to Earth.

It decided that Ryan’s daily uniform that features a Ohio State hoodie, Dropkick Murphys t-shirt, untied white Nikes and use of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” as a theme song is part of a “curated political brand.”

That’s coastal elitism hogwash.

Ryan is just what Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown says he is: “a normal guy.”

Brown is another normal guy and the only Democrat to hold statewide office in Ohio.

See the connection, NYT.

Ryan, who grew up in Ohio’s Mahoning Valley, which was devastated by the collapse of the steel industry, is authentically pro-union and against globalization.

He chided Hillary Clinton during her 2016 presidential run for promising to put coal miners out of work.

Ryan is as authentic as Vance is in his phoniness. One-time Trump critic Vance is now one of his biggest boot-lickers, or as Ryan colorfully put it “ass-kisser."

The Times should put more normal guys and girls on its payroll and let them loose beyond metro New York.

Filmmaker Michael Moore is back in the news with the prediction that Democrats are going to win big in the midterm election due to a heavy turnout of young voters and the backlash against the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Moore says Democrats are down in the dumps about the election, partly due to the media narrative that the party is going to take a shellacking.

The coverage gets inside people’s heads and they begin to feel deflated and want to quit, wrote Moore on his blog.

“You start believing that we liberals are a bunch of losers. And by thinking of ourselves this way, if you’re not careful, you begin to manifest the old narrative into existence.”

Moore does have a good record in calling elections. He was about the only lefty who predicted Donald Trump would beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

He also predicted mail-in ballots would power Joe Biden to a win over Trump, whom he called a “bigot” and “psychopath.”

Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX satellite company, has launched his own flight of fancy, telling shareholders that Tesla’s stock market capitalization will one day exceed the combined market cap of Saudi Arabian Oil Co and Apple.

Aramco’s market cap stands at $8T as shares trade at $36.50 on Oct. 24.

Apple checks in at $2.4T as the stock changes hands at $149 each.

Tesla’s market cap is $650B at $207 per-share. The electric vehicle company’s cap capped out at $1.2T in April before Musk made his audacious $44B offer to buy Twitter.

Tesla’s market cap has been in decline since Musk announced his Twitter deal as investors worry that he’ll have to unload shares to pay for his shiny social media toy.

The car company’s stock is down more than $6 a share on Oct. 24 on news that it may have to cut prices in No. 2 market, China, due to increased competition.

There’s also concerns about the slowdown in China’s economy and its long-range outlook under Xi Jinping, who has consolidated his power in the Chinese government.

Elon’s market cap goal is just a pipedream.

Congratulations to the new British prime minister Rishi Sunak. who may have a tough time dealing with the growing labor unrest in the UK.

The man of the people bit isn’t going to work out for Sunak.

As Labor MP Nadia Whittome posted on Twitter: Rishi and his wife have a fortune of $750M, which is about twice the wealth of King Charles III.

“Remember this whenever he talks about making 'tough decisions' that working class people will pay for,” she wrote.