Natural Shrimp

MZ North America is handling NaturalShrimp’s merger with Yotta Acquisition Corp. in a SPAC deal worth about $275M.

Dallas-based NaturalShrimp and Yotta plan to kick off a global marketing campaign to educate institutional and other investors about its system for growing shrimp in enclosed, land-based, salt-water systems to produce fresh seafood without the use of antibiotics and probiotics.

CEO Gerald Easterling expects the merger will fund facility expansion to Florida, Nevada and the Northeast. NaturalShrimp currently has production plants near San Antonio and Webster City, IA.

He sees the potential to roll out NaturalShrimp’s products across the Top Ten markets in the US.

Chris Tyson, executive VP at MZ North America, is working the deal.

MZ Group of Sao Paulo is parent of MZ North America.