Bliss Group

The Bliss Group and Ringer Sciences launch the Executive Signals Platform, an audience intelligence platform that analyzes the behavior of executives in key media channels dedicated to business. The platform is designed to reveal the trends and topics that are top of mind for a brand’s key buyers, identify the publications that receive the most engagement and uncover the most relevant influencers. It also provides competitor intelligence that can be used to benchmark executive social thought leadership programs against industry peers. “The executive signals platform delivers unique actionable intelligence on an audience of senior business leaders to inform how we build campaigns, perform outreach and react to emerging industry trends,” said Ringer Sciences founder and CEO Yash Gad.


CMI Media Group, a WPP agency that works with health, wellness, and pharmaceutical clients, starts up a healthcare-focused ecommerce practice. The ecommerce capability, which will be led by Jacob Harrison as director of ecommerce investment strategy, will work to transform the marketing landscape in a way that will allow clients to get Rx and OTC products in the hands of patients and consumers. "My goal is to help clients diversify their shopping channels, expand their reach, and implement strategic initiatives online leading to increased shopping opportunity, brand loyalty, and a strong customer lifetime value," said Harrison.


BizCom Associates is launching an employee-based philanthropic program, BizComCARES. The program is designed to empower the agency and individual teammates to select the causes they wish to support. This could range from seasonal opportunities such as holiday programs to providing relief following a natural disaster to supporting local mentoring programs. BizCom has also set up a website,, where employees can showcase their philanthropic efforts. Organizations or individuals can also use the website to contact the agency requesting support. “Rather than select one or two causes to support as an agency, the beauty of this program is that as a fully-remote agency, it provides a way for BizCom and our team members to help address the needs of their communities, no matter where they live,” said BizCom co-founder and CEO Scott White.