"We've seen technology transforming every industry, particularly network technology," Qwoted founder and CEO Dan Simon tells Doug Simon. But PR, he says, has been slow to catch up. "Communications, public relations, media relations, seemed very stuck in the 90s."

And while PR tech may be a little behind the curve, that just means there's more room for growth. "Unlike marketing, Martech and Adtech, which in many ways have had 10, or 15, or 20 years in some cases to run, CommTech, PRTech is really in its infancy," he says, "and we're going to see it really coming to the fore over the next few years."

That where Qwoted comes in. The network, which connects a wide range of media on one site, is an attempt to "bring some of that network technology to this rather antiquated industry and with it be able to create efficiencies, cost savings, and then also create a lot of data and a lot of insights that our users can benefit from."

But while tech is bringing many changes with it, a lot of the basic rules remain the same. "All the things that your PR agency told you were important" are still important, he says.

Sitting near the top of the list of PR priorities: speed, which he says is "probably more important than it ever was." He also says that PR pros should maximize "the amount of thinking you can do on behalf of the reporter. Give the media what they need. Give it to them quickly."

Another big change that he sees: fragmentation in the media. "As a comms person or as a brand, where your audience appears or what they're reading, what your core audience is reading has changed."

That promises to increase both the challenges and opportunites that PR tech faces."You've got podcasts, and video casts, and YouTube, and local TV, and national TV, and The New York Times, and CNN, and theSkimm with some sort of newsletter so that the first big transformation is happening inside the media itself. I think that's going to change the technologies, and the tools, and the agencies that brands are using to reach those different audiences via that transforming landscape."

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