John Breaux
John Breaux

Former Senator John Breaux has signed on to represent ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions on matters related to clean energy, carbon capture and storage.

Critics have accused ExxonMobil about misleading the public about climate change.

The Louisiana Democrat is part of a five-member team at Crossroads Strategies, where he is a principal and director.

ExxonMobil formed its clean energy unit in 2021 to commercialize emission-reduction technology.

Its initial focus is on CC&S, which ExxonMobil believes is one of the critical technologies required to achieve the climate goals outlined in the Paris Agreement.

ExxonMobil plans to develop 20 new CC&S projects throughout the world and invest $3B in lower emissions technologies through 2025.

Crossroads CEO Mathew Lapinski also works the ExxonMobil business with EVP Jason Gleason (chief of staff to Maryland Rep. John Sarbanes), EVP Stephanie Leger (deputy project director to Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu) and principal Todd Weiss (staffer to Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum).