Kim Jongun
Kim Jong-un

Prime Policy Group has picked up a $600K contract to educate the Biden Administration and Congress on the “substantial activities of the North Korean Government to subvert the South Korean Government through civic institutions” and about its spread of disinformation, according to its one-year contract with Jayu Press of Seoul.

Jayu Press believes those North Korean activities are designed to spread division in South Korea and change attitudes about the regime led by Kim Jong-un.

Prime Policy Group is expected to develop “bipartisan champions in the U.S. House and U.S. Senate who will take the lead in engaging Congress in exposing these North Korean activities.”

It is to recruit influencers, such as Christian Protestant denominations, to encourage Congress to become more engaged with Korean affairs, and to brief think tanks.

Ju Ken Juong, the charismatic pastor of the Presbyterian Sarang Jeil Church, co-signed the contract with Jayu CEO Enoch Jun.

His Seoul-based mega-church has more than 60K members.

Prime Policy Group's vice chairman-government relations Tom Reed, a former New York Republican Congressman; international practice chair Karen Antebi; managing director Mark Disler; and director Andrew Terp are handlng the Jayu Press business.

WPP owns Prime Policy Group.