London’s Eagle Football Holdings, which is headed by American investor John Textor, has acquired a controlling stake in French soccer team Olympique Lyonnais to bolster its network of teams The deal is valued in the $950M range.

The Lyon team joins Eagle’s line-up that includes English Premier League’s Crystal Palace, Brazil’s Botafogo (Rio de Janeiro ) and Belgium’s Molenbeck (Brussels)

As part of the transaction, an investment consortium of Ares Management, Iconic Sports and Elmwood Partners has agreed to invest in Eagle.

Textor said the takeover represents a “new beginning for Olympique Lyonnais, an historic club that truly deserves a global stage.”

He said “the ownership experience of both Iconic Sports and Ares in global professional sports, including football, means they bring much more than just capital to our family of clubs.”

Gasthalter & Co.’s Jonathan Gasthalter and Nathaniel Garnick represent Iconic Sports

Brunswick Group has Max McGahan and Simone Selzer in London, and Guillaume Maujean and Tristan Roquet-Montegon in Paris handling Ares.