Bob Dilenschneider, a valued, long-time contributor to this site, regularly does a wonderful job of observing holidays with uplifting writing and salient facts.

Here is a list of things I would like to see in the New Year. Consider me the Anti-Bob.

1. Listening training for fast-food workers, especially order-takers.

2. A world where airlines function for the good of travelers, not shareholders and management.

3. A $100 per month package that includes 50 custom-choice cable channels, mobile and landline phone, and internet with wi-fi (okay, how about by 2053?).

4. A legislated minimum of 200 days that Congress must be in session and all members present unless they have a doctor’s note (the average is 146.7 days since 2001).

5. A limit on political campaigns like they have in Great Britain (60 days—not two years).

6. A nation where Trumpism is considered the equivalent of fascism, racism, classism, dogmatism, religious intolerance, mendaciousness and greed—because it is all of those things.

That’s it; that’s all. Feel free to add yours. And Happy New Year.


Bill Huey is president of Strategic Communications and the author of Carbon Man (Kindle, 2010).