Donald Trump will return to Meta's Facebook platform this month and pick up right where he left off, spreading lies and disinformation ahead of 2024.

A MediaMatters for America report found that since the Facebook ban, Trump continued to spread his misinformation and QAnon conspiracy garbage on the Truth Social platform.

The former president on Feb. 1 posted a video on Truth Social highlighting his unhinged proposals to crack down on transgender rights.

Among the doozies, Trump wants to pass a federal law recognizing only male and female genders assigned at birth.

He wants to punish doctors/hospitals that provide gender affirming care and launch probes into the healthcare system.

The American Medical Association views gender-affirming care as a “medically-necessary, evidence-based care that improves the physical and mental health of transgender and gender-diverse people.”

Unfortunately, Trump doesn’t care a bit about the AMA or medical science.

He just wants to outflank Ron DeSantis when it comes to beating up on the LGBT community and winning the hearts and minds of his political base.

Facebook will give a megaphone to Trump to do just that.

As a private company, Meta has no obligation to host Trump.

In reinstating Trump, Meta apparently lusted after the increased traffic from the lunatic fringe that he will attract to Facebook, and disregarded the threat that the ex-president poses to America's democracy.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and global affairs president Nick Clegg must be held responsible for the hurt, hate and political division caused by Trump.

Joe Biden gets it wrong…. The president was grandstanding when the White House attacked ExxonMobil for its “outrageous” record $55B in 2022 profits “after Americans were forced to pay such high prices at the pump after Putin’s invasion.”

The White House claims Big Oil was using the outlandish earnings to “plough those profits into padding the pockets of executives and shareholders.”

Sorry, Joe. That’s just how the free market works. ExxonMobil and its ilk simply don’t have a social contract with the American people.

ExxonMobil boss Darren Woods reaffirmed that point.

He told CNBC that though ExxonMobil faced pressure from investors and others to shift money into “renewables,” it spent money on oil and gas projects.

“We leaned in when others leaned out,” said Woods.

Corporate kleptomaniacs, beware. Searby PLLC is on the case. The DC law firm has made one of the more interesting Foreign Agent Registration Act filings of late. It was made on behalf of the Switzerland-based environmental group Bruno Manser Fund, which is dedicated to ending the plunder of the world’s rainforests.

Searby’s letter of engagement with BMF deals with “the matter about alleged kleptocratic wealth held in the US and related damage to ecosystems, communities and forests in Malaysia.”

Bruce Searby is a formidable advocate. Chambers and Partners ranked him in 2022 in white-collar crime & government investigations.

Bruno Manser, one of the founders of BMF, lived among the Penan people from 1984 to 1990 in Sarawak, a federal state in Malaysia.

They were one of the last groups on Earth living as nomads in a primeval forest.

The logging industry threatened the destruction of the Penan’s rainforest. Manser helped the Penan organize a resistance to the loggers and he became a global spokesperson.

In 2000, Manser went missing in Sarawak. Several search parties failed to find any trace of him. Swiss authorities in 2005 declared him to be missing and presumed dead.

Not exactly the Gettysburg Address… Massachusetts Representative Jack Auchincloss made history on Jan. 25 by delivering the first speech on the House floor that was created by the artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT.

Fittingly, the 128-word speech was about a bill to create a U.S.-Israel AI Center in the United States.

The Democratic politico said it took five or six prompts to produce the right speech.

He said that applications for ChatGPT are tremendous but it’s not intelligent. “It’s more of a word prediction engine,” he said.