Khalid Aljabri
Khalid Aljabri

Sonoran Policy Group represents a Saudi cardiologist in his effort to lobby the US government for the release of his brother and sister who have been imprisoned in Saudi Arabia.

Khalid Aljabri is the son of retired Saudi intelligence officer Saad Aljabri.

The Guardian reported that Saad Aljabri was the longtime right-hand man of Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, who was deposed by Mohammed bin Salman when he became crown prince.

Aljabri, who has close ties to US and British intelligence, had “been in Prince Mohammed’s crosshairs.” He left Saudi Arabia with most of his family but two of children, Sarah and Omar, remained behind to wait for the approval of their US student visas.

They were barred from leaving the country in what the Khalid Aljabri believes was an act of vengeance by the crown prince.

SPG founder Robert Stryk, who has close ties to the Republican party and Donald Trump, leads the effort to arrange safe passage for Omar and Sarah Aljabri to the US. The firm does not have a formal contract with Khalid Aljabri.

In May 2020, the SPG landed a $2M six-moth pact to advocate for the release of Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz bin Salman Al Saud with US, UK, France and European Union officials.

The New York Times reported that Prince Salman, “a billionaire philanthropist with influential connections" had been arrested by the Prince Mohammed bin Salman in a fit of jealousy.