"It's a critical time" for the tech sector, "and resources are required to keep communications at the forefront," BCW executive vice president & technology sector lead Karen Clyne tells Doug Simon. "So arguably more investment in terms of the public relations and integrated communications function is critical to keep storytelling moving forward."

For companies to best utilize PR in today's world, Clyne says that "looking holistically at the communications mix is important—from employee engagement and communications to brand purpose and corporate reputation and crisis communications. All of those aspects of the mix are really critical and should be evaluated by tech companies even in the current technology environment."

Communications are essential in helping companies deal with the many changes they face—both externally and internally. "That's sort of the beauty of PR and communications, coming in to help manage those moments and various cycles," she says. "I think in terms of just the shifts, the transitions that are happening in the tech space, PR and communications are critical."

Agencies, Clyne tells Simon, have a very important role to play, serving companies as "that partner, guiding, providing different levels of counsel through the different workstreams and changes."

In order to deal with any staffing cuts that do take place, she says that communicators need to maintain "the ability to move resources to the needs of the business and certainly the needs of our tech and business partners."

The platform that Clyne says is key for both communicators and clients? The Metaverse. "I think the pandemic has afforded a little escalation on that path just to afford new opportunities of experience and ways to engage with technology. And I think we'll see more and more of that, especially in the realms of education and health and medical."

She also addresses the pivotal role of security in the tech sector. "Every client is having the security conversation and data protection and automation as part of either larger digital transformation initiatives or just general best practices of business. There's a lot of protecting to do and it's top of mind for all of our clients and executive leaders, even at the board level."

Keeping up with all the changes in the tech sector requires education. "There's absolutely learning and studying to be done as we explore," Clyne says, "not only in the emerging technologies but environments, like Metaverse, and how those are adopted. Education is key as part of our day to day, not only as team members, but educators to our client partners."

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