Public Policy Holding Company posted a 9.5 percent boost in revenues to $108.8M in 2022, which was its first full year as a publicly traded company. Organic growth clocked in at 6.6 percent.

PPHC’s operating units include Crossroads Strategies, Forbes Tate Partners, Seven Letter, O'Neill & Associates, Alpine Group Partners, KP Public Affairs and MultiState Associates.

They rank as the biggest provider of federal contract lobbying services with combined fees of $66.6M.

CEO Stewart Hall is bullish on growth, which will be partly driven more than $4T in US government spending.

The Biden administration’s industrial policies and landmark legislation, such as The Chips Act and Inflation Reduction Act, will create major opportunities for PPHC in the renewable/alternative energy, infrastructure, advanced manufacturing and healthcare sectors.

PPHC, which acquired MultiState on March 1, is also looking for acquisitions in the strategic communications, public affairs and state advocacy fronts.

Hall said his company is “well placed to act as a natural consolidator with a strong balance sheet.”

PPHC trades on the London Stock Exchange.