After a read through D S Simon Media's "PR and the Metaverse 3.0" report, Gini Dietrich, the CEO of Arment Dietrich and founder of Spin Sucks, says that she was "blown away" by the view of the metaverse's impact on the future of PR that it gave.

"It really struck me that there are so many different kinds of opportunities for us to use it, B2C, B2B, internal comms, there's lots of things that we can do to use it to be really effective," Dietrich says.

As an expert on crisis communications, Dietrich says that are several key ways that Metaverse 3.0 can asisst communications pros facing a crisis. "The metaverse," she says, "has a really robust news conference area," which allows for "consistent communication from the CEO or a high level executive as your spokesperson who is able to go in there and have conversations with reporters without them having to leave their desks or leave their studios." It also provides the opportunity to "do community town halls" as well as "internal town halls to keep your employees updated."

Dietrich also points out that Metaverse 3.0 can allow for the kind of "serendipitous meetings" that were previously limited to live events. For example, an attendee can "see a keynote and then talk to the speaker afterwards."

Because of this, she says, some of the barriers to successful interaction are "being dissolved with Metaverse 3.0 because I'll see your avatar and we can actually have a conversation and you can ask me questions, or we can go to a private room in the the trade show hall, and we can continue our conversation."

These advances in the metaverse, Dietrich tells Simon, make it something that "should be on the list of conversations" when advising clients. "The opportunities are probably endless." And while, "there is still a place for us to be in real life together," she says that "being able to supplement that with all of this, with Metaverse 3.0 and providing an opportunity to really dig deep with individuals and with groups of people is huge. That's a huge opportunity."

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