United Minds, management consultancy, has launched Myriant, a business resiliency offering that helps clients deal with risks and opportunities that arise during this era of social and political polarization, misinformation and geopolitical upheaval.

“Not only are executives bombarded by information and misinformation, but they are also confronted by a complex and rapidly changing attitude about the role of business in society today,” Kate Bollinger, United Minds CEO, said in a statement. “Leaders need access to the best data sets and the best minds in order to make the most effective decisions.”

Myriant staffers are backed by a network of advisors from business, government, political, civic society and academia, plus exclusive AI-backed analytics.

To support the launch, Myriant co-authored research with the USC Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism.

The study found that 90 percent of investors consider social and environmental impacts important when buying a company’s stock, and 70 percent of consumers and employees consider ESG matters when buying a product or service and joining or leaving a company, respectively.

The findings suggest that executives should not be distracted by debates about "woke companies" or the false choice of whether or not companies and investors should "choose" an ESG strategy.

Myriant also released research that found less than half of executives feel equipped to lead in areas such as political and social issues (49%), geopolitical issues (47%) and climate change (45%).

“We believe business decisions should integrate and align an individual company’s specific commercial objectives, resiliency considerations and the expectations of their specific stakeholders—which requires applying a multi-stakeholder lens to business strategy,” said Ben Kalevitch, Myriant managing director..

United Minds is part of the Weber Shandwick Collective.