Gitcho Goodwin is providing public relations and strategic communications to Saudi Arabia’s LIV Golf.

The Austin-based reputation management/crisis communications shop entered into an oral agreement in February to rep LIV Golf for a fee of $55K per month plus a $125K bonus upon successful renewal of its pact.

At the onset of the agreement, Gitcho Goodwin did not believe or understand that its PR work on behalf of LIV Golf was intended to influence American public opinion in the interest of a foreign government, according to its FARA filing of May 25.

Upon further consideration, Gitcho Goodwin came to understand that the Saudi Public Investment Fund occasionally oversaw its LIV Golf’s PR activities.

The shop also took note of civil litigation between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour.

On April 6, a Saudi attorney acting on behalf of the PIF stated that the PIF is "inextricably intertwined with the [Saudi] government such that [the PIF's] objectives may be indistinguishable from the interests of the Saudi government."

A federal judge then issued a ruling that said: "It is plain that PIF is not a mere investor in LIV; it is the moving force behind the founding, funding, oversight and operation of LIV."

That’s why Gitcho Goodwin “out of an abundance of caution” filed with the Justice Dept for drafting press releases/marketing brochures, creating website content, providing media training to golfers and handling LIV Golf’s corporate social responsibility efforts.

Gail Gitco and Henry Goodwin are working the LIV Golf business.

She was communications director for both Mitt Romney’s presidential run and the Republican Governors Assn. Most recently, Gitco advised Herschel Walker’s campaign for the George Senate seat.

He was deputy communications director for Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s presidential campaign, national communications consultant at Marsy’s Law for All, which is dedicated to giving crime victims equal constitutional rights to the accused; and advisor to the UK’s Conservative party.