Finn Partners has launched a diagnostic tool that enables brands to understand how product and purpose priorities factor into consumer purchasing decisions.

“The Finn Purpose Alignment Index” allows clients to sharpen their purpose-centric strategies and communications plans based on the predictive impact on brand perception and customer likelihood to back a brand for its social impact.

“With the Finn Purpose Alignment Index, we can guide how and when a company incorporates purpose-based initiatives to create stronger, organic connections and life-long relationships with consumers for far-ranging mutual benefits for people and planet,” said Gil Bashe, Finn’s chair global health and purpose.

Barry Reicherter, managing partner, FINN Global Intelligence, and his research team developed the Index as part of the FINN commitment to advance corporate social impact initiatives and reduce risks associated with “out of touch” campaigns that conflict with stakeholder interests.

The independent firm has made 40 social ranking factors that drive consumer purchase decisions available as a free download to support the PR industry’s purpose initiatives.