Bobby Kennedy, Jr.
Bobby Kennedy, Jr.

Throwing it all away. Bobby Kennedy, Jr., who has trashed his impressive 33 years of service as chief lawyer for the Riverkeeper environmental group by spouting anti-vaccine nonsense and embracing conspiracy theories, thinks the mainstream media are out to get him.

Bobby sounds downright Trumpian. “Just remember, what you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening,” Donald Trump told the Veterans of Foreign Wars on July 24, 2018.

Kennedy has urged people not to believe what they read about him. Listen to my own words and don’t accept the media characterizations as necessarily true, he said.

Okay, that’s fair enough.

Kennedy said on June 19 that the Biden administration is using Ukraine “to achieve the larger geopolitical goal of weakening Russia. In other words, the Ukrainians are cannon fodder in the US proxy war against Russia.”

In the real world, Bobby’s buddy, Vladimir Putin, has been using undertrained and ill-equipped troops as cannon fodder to test and soften up Ukrainian defenses.

Kennedy has accused Team Biden of “deceiving the American people about the motives for this costly and tragic war by continually escalating it and putting the whole world at risk of nuclear conflagration.”

It’s not Biden who ordered his army to march to Kyiv and threatened to use nuclear weapons. It is Putin who is responsible for launching the biggest war in Europe since WWII.

Kennedy did a world of good in fighting polluters of the Hudson River, improving its water quality, and shutting down the Indian Point nuclear energy plant.

It’s a shame that Kennedy, who stepped down from Riverkeeper in 2017, will be remembered mostly as a hero of the tin foil hat brigade.

Calling out the GOP wimps. California Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff issued a sharp rebuke to the MAGA crowd in the House after they censured him on June 21 for leading the first impeachment of Donald Trump.

“Why did you not stand up to Donald Trump, why did you not reject his immorality, why did you not condemn his dishonesty, why did you not speak out when his horde attacked this Capitol, or now, when he treats the nation’s secrets with such carelessness, lawlessness and disdain, why did you hide from efforts to hold him accountable, why were you silent, afraid, unwilling to do your ethical, constitutional duty, why did you cower, why did you cower — and why do you still?”

The GOP censure paves the way for Schiff to succeed retiring California Diane Feinstein as Senator in the 2024 election.