The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade helped Democrats stave off an expected red wave during the 2022 election.

A re-run is in order.

The Court’s rulings this week that killed affirmative action for college admissions, junked the student debt relief program and allowed discrimination against gay people will power Democrats to victory in the 2024 election.

Young people, Blacks, women, and LGBTQ voters will turn out in droves to keep Joe Biden in the White House for another term.

The decision that gave a website designer the right to refuse to make wedding sites for same-sex couples is especially insidious.

What’s next? Can a business decline to serve Catholics, Jews, Muslims and gypsies?

The sweet irony of the legal rampage: Donald Trump is the guy who put the three hard-liners on the bench who made the conservative rulings possible.

Their decisions will ensure that Trump doesn’t get re-elected president.

Mike Pence had a good PR week with his surprise trip to Ukraine on June 29 to meet with its president Volodymr Zelensky and victims of the Russian invasion.

The former vice president made the journey though Republican support for aid to Ukraine is slipping. Pew Research found that 44 percent of Republicans believe the US is providing too much aide to Ukraine. That’s the highest level since Russia launched its attack in February 2022.

Pence told NBC News that he isn’t worried about polls, saying it was more important for him to see first-hand what Ukrainians have endured.

He said he’s now “better equipped to be able to go home as I speak to the American people about the vital importance of American support to repel Russian aggression.” Spread the word far and wide, Mike.

It’s a shame that Pence doesn’t have a chance to win the Republican presidential nomination.