Fani Willis
Fani Willis

Fulton Country DA Fani Willis flatters “The Don” with her charges that he and his “gang that couldn’t shoot straight” ran a criminal enterprise that aimed to undercut America’s democracy.

Her use of Georgia’s “Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act” treats Trump as if he were a Mafia boss, which gives his ego a boost.

In his book, “The Art of the Deal,” Trump boasted about his tough-guy dealings with Mob-connected firms as he broke into the Manhattan real estate development market.

He bought overpriced cement that was used to erect Trump Tower and Trump Plaza apartment building from a firm controlled by Mafia Bosses Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno and Paul Castellano.

Trump’s idol Roy Cohn, the notorious fixer lawyer, served as consigliere to Salerno and Castellano.

The Wall Street Journal contends that Willis’ indictment is unlikely to move public opinion, in part because of its breadth and timing.

The Georgia case will have zero impact on the hard-core MAGA cultists who will support their guy in the GOP primaries.

Its influence will be on independents and Republicans who want their party to pivot back to its political roots, rather than kowtowing before Trump.

A NPR/Marist poll released July 28 found that the percentage of Republicans and GOP-leaning independents who believe Trump did nothing wrong regarding the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill riot dropped nine points from 50 percent to 41 percent from the month earlier period.

More than half (52 percent) though think Trump did something illegal. That’s up 11 percent from March, just before the former president was indicted in New York for paying hush money to women that he has had sex with.

Georgia is the weightiest indictment against Trump. The former president will eventually rue the day that he decided to corrupt the Peach State’s vote.

Going Green at Hyper-Drive. “I don’t think in my career I’ve ever seen a law that has a bigger impact on economic development in this country,” said Gregory Wetstone, CEO of the American Council on Renewable Energy, in his ringing endorsement of Joe Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act.

The Financial Times reports the IRA and Chips and Science Act have triggered a $224B cleantech investment boom that is hardly noticed by US voters.

It counts more than 110 large-scale manufacturing announcements for semiconductor, electric vehicles, batteries, solar panels and wind parts that will create 100K jobs.

Republican-leaning districts in the South are the major beneficiaries of the investments. They account for 80 percent of the outlays, with Georgia and South Carolina on top.

The GOP, of course, wants to scale back the IRA because it looks like a winning hand for the president. To Republicans, politics is a bigger priority than providing opportunities for their constituents.

Sleepy Joe has to step up his PR game.

Hit the books. China has a nifty way to deal with an inconvenient truth. It scrubs it from the books.

To cope with skyrocketing youth unemployment, China has decided to stop reporting the jobless rates for people aged 16 to 24.

The youth unemployment rate clocked in at 21.3 percent in June, which marked the sixth consecutive record high.

China’s National Bureau of Statistics has now decided that the 96M people between 16 and 24 should be studying at school rather than be looking for jobs.

“The main task for students is studying,” said Fu Linghui, spokesperson for the Bureau. “There are different views over whether to include students who are looking for a job before graduation in the labor force survey and statistics.”

Fu better hope those 96M students are studying economics because China’s economy is in the dumps and its near-term future isn’t very rosy.

Yipee We’re No. 2,642… Congratulations to Los Angeles-based Scenario Communications for ranking 2,642 on the 2023 Inc. 5000 roster.

It issued a press release on Aug. 15 to celebrate that triumph. "When we started Scenario just over four years ago, it never occurred to us that we would be sitting here now on this list of prestigious companies and obtaining the recognition of such a venerable publication as Inc.,” said co-founders Hayley Antonian, Ron Hofmann and Steven Wilson in the release.

There’s more good news from Scenario. The shop ranks No. 165 in Los Angeles, Long Beach and Anaheim regions, and No. 378 in California.

It's upward and onward for Scenario.