Vlad Putin
Vladimir Putin

MAGA Nation Loves Vlad....Will Vladimir Putin appear in campaign ads for Donald Trump? He’s gearing up to back his guy.

The Russian leader on Sept. 12 echoed Trump in calling the indictments against the former US president a “political persecution” waged by a political rival. He took the words right out of The Donald’s mouth.

Trump posted on Truth Social: “The many Biden Election Interference Cases against me, both Criminal and Civil, are Unconstitutional for many reasons, including the fact that delay for political reasons is a taking away of my RIGHTS, as well as the RIGHTS of a vast majority of the Country whose views and opinions I represent. Think of it, they could have filed these cases YEARS AGO, but waited until “campaign season” for maximum negative impact.” Okay, Putin is a tad more eloquent than his biggest fanboy.

Putin said the charges against Trump demonstrate the “rottenness of the American political system." He conveniently forgot that he had just carried out a “hit” on his one-time chef and Wagner Group chief.

Putin also is “pleased” that Trump offered to negotiate the end of the war in Ukraine. Of course, he’s pleased as punch. Putin’s lapdog Trump would make cutting off military assistance to Ukraine a top priority.

US intelligence says Russia ran influence operations in support of Trump during the 2016 and 2020 elections.

Putin this week began the process of Russia’s interference in the 2024 US election. His reward: an invitation to be the first foreign leader to visit the Trump White House II.

WaPo Got Style. The Washington Post staff felt the need to explain its “Style” section on Sept. 11.

They said Style goes beyond fashion coverage. It’s about characters who shape politics and the “new behaviors that are changing contemporary life.”

Those new behaviors apparently cover the actions of a rogue group of dog owners known as the Ratscallions who are tackling DC’s rat problem by letting their pooches hunt down the rodents during their nightly patrols.

The Sept. 13 story is headlined: “Washington is full of rats. These dogs are happy to help with that.” It begins with: “The sound of a rat screaming in the jaws of a terrier is the same sound that a stuffed squeaky toy makes.”

Tender readers are warned that they may be upset with some of the descriptions and images of dogs killing and munching on rats.

What would Kay Graham think? Has her paper gone to the dogs?

Kenvue suffers PR stuffiness. Kenvue rejoiced on August 23 as the consumer healthcare products firm celebrated its formal separation from former parent Johnson & Johnson.

CEO Thibaut Mongon noted the “historic moment” for Kenvue. “As the home to some of the world’s most beloved brands, we step into the future as a fully independent company from a position of strength.” Wait a second.

An advisory panel to the Food and Drug Administration on Sept. 12 took aim at some of those beloved brands, ruing that versions of Benadryl, Sudafed and Tylenol cold medicines containing phenylephrine don’t work.

The millions of people who used Benadryl, Sudafed and Tylenol with phenylephrine over the years just might as well have thrown their money away.

Phenylephrine formulations are safe but are no better than placebos in relieving nasal congestions from cold, flu or allergies.

“We really should not have products on the markets that are not effective,” said Diane Ginsburg, a member of the FDA panel. Good idea.

Kenvue, which could simply reformulate the affected brands, has kept silent about its plans.

That’s not a good PR position for a company that aims “to write the next chapter of consumer health.”