Laurent Salvador Lamothe

Qorvis is working to overturn the visa ban imposed by the US on former Haiti prime minister Laurent Salvador Lamothe

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken Lamothe announced the ban on June 2, charging Lamothe was involved in "significant corruption."

Blinken said: “Lamothe misappropriated at least $60 million from the Haitian government’s PetroCaribe infrastructure investment and social welfare fund for private gain,” said Blinken. “Through this corrupt act and his direct involvement in the management of the fund, he exploited his role as a public official and contributed to the current instability in Haiti.”

Qorvis is to engage with Washington thought leaders, key decision-makers in the U.S. Department of State, Homeland Security, the U.S. Congress, and influential media and think tanks that can serve as third-party advocates. The intended outcome is to have the visa ban lifted.

Qorvis began its six-month project for Lamothe on Aug. 22. It is in line for a $23K monthly retainer from Equity Savvy Ventures, which is owned by Lamothe.

Qorvis CEO Matt Lauer and general counsel Aliya Manjee handle the Haitian politico.