The Government of Switzerland is running a marketing and PR push in Texas to position it as a good place to invest for business and universities in the Lone Star State looking to expand to Europe.

The “X Marks the Spot” campaign promotes Switzerland as the location that will give Texans an extra edge in developing profitable, resilient and sustainable businesses.

The effort, which is backed by Presence Switzerland and Switzerland Global Enterprise, pivots the cross on the Swiss flag to make is look like the letter X.

“There’s an X in our campaign and the name of Texas,” said Alexandre Edelman, head of Presence Switzerland. “However, much more is in common between the Lone Star State and the centrally located European country. Both have a shared can-do attitude and the desire to innovate and truly thrive in business and life.”

The October/November campaign, which is handled by Los Angeles-based Thrill Communications, features roadshows by Swiss officials, branded electric vehicles, advertising kiosks, digital outreach and sponsored events.

More than 80 Swiss companies have operations in Texas. More than $1.7B in goods are shipped from Switzerland to Texas, while shipments of $1.3B go from Texas to Switzerland.