Yorktown Solutions has been working to restore and maintain a positive image of the Ukrainian nuclear energy industry under a one-year $960K agreement.

The firm has been raising awareness of the specific and evolving risks emanating from Russia's occupation of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, which is the largest nuke facility in Europe.

Reuters reported on Dec. 2 that Zaporizhzhia lost power after the last transmission line to Ukraine-controlled territory was disrupted, but the connection was repaired.

The plant doesn’t generate power but requires a supply of electricity to cool one of its four reactors, which is in a state of “hot conservation.”

Yorktown is working under an agreement with the union that represents employees at Energoatom, the Ukrainian government entity that oversees nuclear facilities.

Daniel Vajdich, Yorktown’s president, has worked on the presidential campaigns of Republicans Ted Cruz, Scott Walker and Mitt Romney.