Samantha Vinograd
Samantha Vinograd

Samantha Vinograd, assistant secretary for counterterrorism, threat prevention and law enforcement policy at the Department of Homeland Security, has joined Brunswick Group in DC as geopolitical lead.

Prior to joining the DHS, Vinograd led global public policy at financial payments company Stripe, and worked for Goldman Sachs, where she focused on building public-private sector partnerships.

She also was a senior advisor at the Biden Institute and a CNN national security analyst.

Vinograd began her career in Baghdad during the Bush II presidency, working for the Treasury Dept., and she subsequently served on president Obama’s National Security Council as director for Iraq, director for international economics and senior advisor to the National Security Advisor.

Brunswick also will add Alex Kazan, chief commercial officer at Eurasia Group, as geopolitical co-lead in New York on Jan. 16. He did time at Goldman Sachs, Daiwa Asset Management and Bear Stearns.

Neal Wolin, Brunswick CEO, said Vinograd and Kazan will advise clients on “how complicated events in the world around them and relations between countries can affect their operations and reputations.”