MZ Group handled Horizon Aircraft, which is developing one of the world’s first hybrid electric vertical takeover and landing aircraft, as it completed the merger with Pono Capital Three SPAC on Jan. 12.

Horizon will begin trading on the NASDAQ on Jan. 16.

CEO Brandon Robinson said the evolution to a publicly traded company will “serve as a catalyst to accelerate our growth by providing the resources to continue the development and testing of our practical, real world use hybrid eVTOl, the Cavorite X7.”

The Cavorite X7 prototype takes off vertically but once airborne its wing system reverts to the configuration of a conventional plane.

It seats six passengers, flies up to 500 miles, has a top speed of 280 mph, and has 30 percent lower emissions than a conventional aircraft.

MZ Group Shannon Devine and Rory Rumore represent Horizon.