Susan Finn Cobian, Kadesha Thomas Smith

SFC Group, a woman-owned healthcare marketing agency, acquires CareContent, a female-owned, Chicago-based content creation company that focuses on producing accessible and educational content for healthcare organizations. Founded in 2014 by Kadesha Thomas Smith, CareContent aims to expand healthcare organizations' capacities to reach audiences. “When I first met Kadesha and the CareContent team, I saw a mirror image of SFC Group – woman-owned business, healthcare focused, committed to excellence – and I jumped at the chance to bring them into the SFC Group family," said Susan Flinn Cobian, president and CEO of SFC Group. "With this acquisition, we're proud to offer our clients expanded capabilities in content creation, from websites to social media to podcasts and everything in between.”


Ohlmann Group, a family-owned, Dayton-based marketing and advertising firm, celebrates its 75th anniversary with the opening of a new office downtown. Headquartered on the city’s North Main Street for 55 years, Ohlmann Group donated its facilities (valued at over $600,000) to a local organization in 2023, and moved in a new suite in the 130 Building on W. Second Street. Walter Ohlmann joined Penny & Penny Advertising (founded in 1949) in 1964 to form Penny-Ohlman Inc., which eventually became Ohlman Group and where he served as CEO until 2015. His daughters, CEO/director media services Linda Ohlmann Kahn and Lori Ohlmann, continue their father’s focus on client service and community leadership. Among its plans for the anniversary, the agency will host Create the Future events for area college students who are studying marketing, communications and design.


Calysto Communications , an Atlanta-based firm specializing in the AI, IoT, mobile, wireless and telecom industries, marks its 25th anniversary. Before founding the agency in 1999, Laura Borgstede had helped Sprint Spectrum launch the first PCS network, Nokia unveil the first smartphone and BellSouth launch Cellemetry, the first commercial machine-to-machine/Internet of Things (M2M/IoT) service. Over the past 25 years, Calysto has added content development services and social media marketing as well as expanding into such areas as IoT and artificial intelligence. It was also ahead of the game when it comes to the “work from home” model, starting an online-based team in 2006. The agency’s clients have secured more than $4.8 billion in publicly reported valuations for clients in the last 25 years. “She and her team have always taken the time to learn my beat, ask what I’m working on, and then maintained that relationship so when my coverage intersects with what their clients do, they pitch me on something that makes sense,” said Matt Vartabedian, senior editor with Informa Tech’s No Jitter.