James Byrne
James Byrne

James Byrne, a former New York Police Department detective who led the executive communications team for commissioner Edward Caban, will join the Secret Service on May 20.

He is to become a public affairs officer assigned to its New York field office.

Bryne joined the NYPD in July 2021 and became a staff writer for its internal magazine “Spring 3100.”

Working in the office of the deputy commissioner of public information, Byrne served on a citywide response team that handled the media at critical incidents including terror attacks, building collapses and officer-involved shootings.

He retired from the NYPD last month.

Patrick Freaney, special agent in charge of the Secret Service’s NYC outpost, said Byrne’s experience as a professional communicator “will be an invaluable asset as we strive to keep the public informed about our office’s investigations and engagements.”