Relevance International is tapped to manage global public relations for Get Golden Visa, an investment advisory firm that works with individuals seeking to enhance their lifestyle or establish residency abroad by investment. Led by Relevance's London office, the communications strategy includes the launch of the Get Golden Visa’s 2024 Climate Change Migration Report, which explores the significant impacts of climate change on both the real estate market and insurance industry, offering valuable statistics, perspectives on managing risk and addressing the complexities brought about by climate-related disasters. “Building on the success of our Great American Exodus Report in 2022, handled by Relevance International, we aim to expand our outreach with our 2024 Climate Change Migration Report,” said Get Golden Visa founder and managing partner Murat Coskun. “The results of our previous collaboration speak for themselves, with quality coverage in credible outlets that sparked a surge of inquiries thanks to Relevance International’s highly strategic approach and black book of global contacts.”

Esther Price

RMD Advertising, which works with challenger food, beverage and restaurant brands, adds Esther Price Candies to its client roster. The agency will leverage its public relations and social media expertise to help raise awareness and sales for the brand. In operation since 1926, Esther Price uses locally produced milk and butter, fancy-grade almonds, pecans, cashews and cherries in its products. "Esther Price Candies’ beginning is one that’s deeply rooted in the Ohio and Midwest," said RMD Advertising president and CEO Matt Montgomery. "Esther Price is looking to further cement their candies as not only a celebration item but something to celebrate every day."


5W Public Relations takes on AOR duties for Yaza Labneh, which produces authentically made labneh, a traditional Mediterranean dip that is following the growing popularity of hummus and tzatziki among American consumers. 5WPR will spearhead media relations outreach to national mainstream media as well as food and health trades, Mediterranean food influencer outreach, product launches, and select event activations. The partnership comes as Yaza prepares for new product launches, flavor introductions, and retailer announcements across key national regions including the West Coast/California and the Northeast. “Their relationships and knowledge in the gourmet packaged foods segment are unparalleled,” said Yaza Labneh founder Karim Khalil