Chris Stewart
Chris Stewart

Skyline Capitol, the firm of former Utah Republican Congressman Chris Stewart, has inked a one-year deal to represent the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the US.

The firm is to rally public and private sector allies of the US/Taiwan relationship.

Skyline will work to “strengthen relations between TECRO and those deemed potential insiders should the Republican Party win the White House or Congress this fall,” according to its contract.

The shop will work to ensure that the interests of the US and Taiwan “remain anchored in both economic and security relations” though “political winds may make that more difficult in the future.”

Skyline will also connect TECRO officials with the people who influence the US Depts. of Defense, State and Treasury.

That effort will be “complemented with a media strategy that focuses on placing op-eds and interviews to advance the client’s goals and talking points.”

Skyline’s Christian Whiton, who was senior advisor for strategic communications at the State Dept during the Trump administration, handles the TECRO effort.