Forbes-Tate has jumped on the bandwagon of Shein Technology LLC, the Los Angeles-based arm of the embattled Singapore-based “instant fashion” retailer.

Shein hired Missy Edwards Strategies in April.

Forbes-Tate will deal with matters related to e-commerce.

Shein has been accused of buying cotton from China’s Xinjiang region, where the native Uyghur people are battling to retain their culture and identity, as well as sourcing from factories that rely on forced labor.

The Information reported May 7 that Donald Tang, Shein’s executive chair, wrote a memo urging managers to step up their efforts to keep clothing made by forced labor off the retailer’s site.

Forbes-Tate founding partner Jeff Forbes heads his Shein Technology team.

He’s joined by Jeff Strunk, aide to House Speaker John Boehner; Libby Greer, chief of staff to Florida Democratic Congressman Allen Boyd; and Elizabeth Bennett, staffer to Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Forbes-Tate is part of Public Policy Holding Company, which trades on the London Stock Exchange.