Joe Biden
Joe Biden

Nothing to see here... The White House remains in denial that President Biden is on track to lose the presidential race to a guy who could be in jail on Election Day.

The latest batch of polls released May 13 shows Biden losing to Donald Trump in five key battleground states.

Biden isn’t just trailing the Mango Mussolini, he’s being hammered by double-digits in Nevada (12 points) and Georgia (10 points).

White House staffers played down the importance of the polls.

A hand-out given to reporters by the head-in-the-sand White House staff quoted Biden pollster Geoff Garin saying most voters aren’t paying attention to the presidential contest.

“The reality is that many voters are not paying close attention to the election and have not started making up their minds—a dynamic also reflected in today’s poll. These voters will decide this election and only the Biden campaign is doing the work to win them over.”

That’s hogwash.

The White House should take the wisdom of the immortal Yogi Berra to heart. “It sure gets late early out there,” said the Yankee Hall of Fame catcher who also played the outfield. His quote referred to the late afternoon shadows in the outfield of Yankee Stadium.

Yogi could do nothing about the shadows. But the 81-year-old commander-in-chief can do something about his lousy polling numbers. He should withdraw from the presidential race.

What will it take for Biden to realize that despite his awesome accomplishment of passing the most progressive legislative package since Lyndon Johnson, he is simply too old for a second term.

His blind eye to Israel’s wanton destruction of Gaza only furthered the hemorrhaging of support for the president among younger American voters.

Who can get through to Biden’s stubborn Irish skull? It’s Congressman Jim Clyburn of South Carolina.

At 83, Clyburn is a contemporary of the president. It was Clyburn’s endorsement of Biden ahead of the 2020 South Carolina primary that led the president to victory.

"You brought me back," Biden told Clyburn, the highest-ranking African American in Congress. He called Clyburn “my buddy.” It’s time for Biden and Clyburn to have a buddy-to-buddy talk about the 2024 race. Clyburn got Biden into the White House. He can orchestrate his exit.

There still time to save the nation from the calamity of a second Trump presidency.

A Democratic dream ticket of Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer and Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock would ensure a Democratic hold of the White House for another eight years.

Hiring platform hires too many?… In springing the news to staffers that eight percent of them working at the hiring platform Indeed are getting the ax, CEO Chris Hyams said the company simply has a lot of dead weight.

“While the global economy has improved in several areas over the past year, we are not yet set up for sustainable growth,” he wrote in an email to employees. “Despite our efforts so far, our organization is still too complex, we still have significant duplication of effort and too many organizational layers that slow down decision-making. We have been working to simplify every aspect of our business, but without meaningful change, we can’t get where we need to go.”

Hyams said Indeed remains committed to helping 100M people get jobs by 2030.

He thanked the departing workers for helping millions of people get jobs. Those are empty words to the 1,000 people who got bounced from Indeed.

Sail4th 250 sets sail. Sail4th 250, the non-profit that is organizing events in the New York/New Jersey region to mark the nation’s 250 anniversary, has kicked off a $30M fundraising campaign.

Slated for July 3-8, 2026, the celebration will feature the greatest gathering of Tall Ships and naval vessels to sail into New York Harbor.

There also will be food and cultural festivities held in NYC’s five boroughs and the NJ burgs with programming representing countries throughout the world.

FishBait Solutions is handling fundraising for corporate, brand and media partners, while Lynch Pinnacle Group is targeting individuals and philanthropic donors.

Peter Himler’s Flatiron Communications is handling media for Sail4th 250.