The key to getting publicity for your brand in online venues (particularly the magazines that are seen online) comes down to affiliate marketing, according to Jeneration PR founder and president Jen Berson.

"The number one factor these days is the opportunity for the publication to earn affiliate revenue by writing about these products and linking to platforms where they can earn income for the publication by talking about products," Berson tells Doug Simon.

"Our firm will not work with a brand that doesn't have some kind of a platform set up, whether that's selling on Amazon or Target, Walmart, those websites have their own affiliate programs built in, and if a brand is sold on those platforms, what then we're looking for is the number of reviews. You know, we want at least 500 reviews, four and five-star reviews. The point is to make the decision to buy kind of a no-brainer so that the consumer reads the article and then clicks through to look at the product and then puts it in their cart."

Berson stresses the importance of building long-term relationships with the clients you work with. "We're partnering with media to try to find these opportunities and present them. You know, still all of the fundamentals of storytelling and timing and, you know, aligning the topic and the idea with the publication and their readership and that writer's beat and all of that still remains. But now there's this piece that shows them that there is a story, idea or opportunity that still serves all of that and has the chance to earn them revenue by ranking high in SEO for that search query."

In addition to running her own agency, Berson puts a lot of time into mentoring communicators who are still learning the ropes. "They're all telling me they're not learning this in school. They're learning how to write a press release. They're learning just basics of what would go into a strategy, but the actual execution of pitching the media in a compelling way, and following up and aligning a story idea with the publication and that writer, all of that is supposed to be taught on the job, you know?"

The community Berson has started up to implement that mentorships is called Powerhouse Pros. "Our goal is to turn everyone into a pitching powerhouse. And that means understanding how the media works, feeling like a media insider, learning how to cultivate relationships, but also having that confidence that comes from really knowing what it takes to move the needle and secure press in a really increasingly challenging media landscape."

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