Edward Price
Edward Price

Edward Price, who is London’s first-ever “ambassador” to the US, has inked a $300K one-year pact to further UK-US financial regulatory cooperation.

In his role as the City of London Corp.’s US managing director, Price also works to improve US market access for British companies and to attract American investment in the UK.

Trade in services between the UK and the US increased more by than 20 percent to $180B+ during the past year.

Britain is the second largest investor in the US. Its more than $600B investment supports 1M+ jobs.

Price has set up meeting with politicos, such as Connecticut’s Democratic Governor Ned Lamont, and North Carolina Republican Congressman Patrick McHenry, who was Speaker pro tempore of the House for 22 days following the ouster of Kevin McCarthy.

He also contacted officials from the Securities and Exchange Commission, Treasury Dept. and US Commodity Futures Trading Commission on behalf of London.

Price also is a non-resident senior fellow and adjunct professor at NYU’s School of Professional Studies.