When Rob Bronfeld joined MikeWorldWide as EVP and managing director, he tells Doug Simon that there were several things at the top of his to-do list to help him "get off the ground as it relates to biz dev and growth." Among them were "leveraging my existing network," "really understanding and being able to sell our unique value proposition" and "really understanding our client’s business."

Bronfeld says he spent a lot of time with his staff determining "what our differentiator is in the marketplace, what has worked with existing clients, what has worked with new clients, and really trying to understand and ground myself in that."

He tells Simon that "we have a very in-depth research team that has a significant amount of tools that could help us identify and develop programs to help overtake their business challenges. And I think that's a big part of it. So first, understanding it and then how do we develop programs or make recommendations from a communications perspective to tackle those challenges?"

Bronfeld also stresses the importance of having an earned media mindset. "It's really a modern-day media ecosystem. How are you engaging consumers through social channels, through digital channels? All within an earned lens. We've recently brought on a executive creative director who has an earned approach to it as well and it really helps us develop programs that have an earned first approach."

Transparency with clients, he says, is another must, as well as keeping the lines of communications with senior client leads open. "The worst thing that I've seen in my career are surprises from clients, so I try to avoid those."

Effective communications bewteen staff members and managment is also key, Bronfeld says. "To me, we're as good as the team that's around us, right? So, I firmly believe in the empowerment of the staff, giving them responsibility, but also holding them accountable to deliver results." He also believes in "spending time with our more entry-level staff and junior staff to give them the lessons and the ear as well as the guidance to get to the next level."

He adds that with junior staffers, the learning process is not just a one-way street. "I think I learn as much from them as they learn from me. When we develop programs, they're a little bit of a pressure test, because in a lot of cases we're trying to reach them and that sector of the target. And if it's not going to resonate with them because they're our colleagues, it's not going to resonate with the average consumer."

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