Risa Heller Communications, a New York-based strategic comms firm, opens a Los Angeles office. The move is intended to bolster RHC’s influence in the media industry and better position the firm to advise entertainment executives, studios, showrunners and production companies. Former Netflix director of entertainment and studio communications Erika Masonhall, who has also served as head of news communications at Facebook and VP of communications at NBC News, has been brought on as managing director to lead the expansion. Founded in 2011 by Risa Heller, RHC represents a wide range of corporate, crisis, institutional, real estate, and nonprofit clients across the country through high-stakes and high-profile issues.

Sven Winnefeld
Sven Winnefeld

Hotwire launches its first proprietary AI tool, GAIO.tech, and a global AI Innovation team. The first in a series of AI technology and consulting solutions Hotwire will introduce in the coming months. GAIO.tech is designed to deliver unique insight into brand reputation, influence and recommendations from such AI chatbots as ChatGPT, Claude, Gemini and Perplexity. In addition to developing the agency’s suite of proprietary AI powered solutions, Hotwire’s AI innovation team will consult clients on their AI strategies and communications programs. The team will be led by VP, AI Innovation Sven Winnefeld. “By launching a team dedicated to AI innovation for communications and marketing, we can set our clients ahead of competitors through unique AI insights and technologies, done responsibly,” said Hotwire global CEO Heather Kernahan. “Working with and understanding how best to deploy AI will allow global brands to build stronger reputations and relationships that boost customer retention and revenues.”


The Worldcom Public Relations Group has added SAROTA PR in Krakow, Poland and Up & Company of Seoul, South Korea as members. SAROTA PR works with companies in the business and technology sector, specializing in campaigns for IT, fintech, e-commerce, automotive, energy and the data center industry. Up & Company, a financial communications firm, provides PR services specialized from an investor's perspective, aiming to move beyond the traditional division between IR and PR. “They are highly respected in their local markets, and have deep regional, national, and global experience in public relations and communications,” said Stephanie Paul, managing director, The Phillips Group (Brisbane, Australia), and Worldcom’s global recruitment chair.