Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A.

The Cormac Group has signed on to provide counsel to the Ad Hoc Board of Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A., which is the U.S.-recognized representative of the South American country’s national energy company.

The $17,500 contract, which went into effect on May 1 runs through August.

As a Vision Americas International subcontractor, TCG is to inform U.S. policymakers on developments in U.S.-Venezuela relations.

It will schedule meetings with DC-based stakeholders in the Executive Branch and Congress, media, and public policy community to explain the client’s litigation challenges.

TCG principal Joes Cardenas, a State Dept., US Agency for International Development veteran; managing partner Jonathan Slade, former MikeWorldWide SVP and DC office head; and senior associate Yanet Perez handle the business.

Petróleos de Venezuela owns 100 Citgo Petroleum, via PDV Holding, a non-operating entity headquartered in Houston.