Joe Biden mug

The Democrats are in full-blown “freakout” mode over the re-election chances of the elderly gent who (so far) is their leading candidate to challenge Donald Trump for the presidency.

“A pervasive fear has settled in at the highest levels of the Democratic Party,” according to the Politico piece. “Anxiety has morphed into palpable trepidation.”

What took the Democratic Party so long?

Democrats should take to heart the immortal words of Cher who urged Nicolas Cage in “Moonstruck” to: “Snap out of it.”

Time is wasting guys. There are five months till the election. You got to nudge or kick 81-year-old Joe Biden off the ticket.

A Democratic operative zeroed in on the party’s dilemma.

“You don’t want to be that guy who is on the record saying we’re doomed, or the campaign’s bad or Biden’s making mistakes,” he told Politico.

Why not? Loyalty to the president is admirable, but do you want to lose the election to a possible convicted felon?

The math is simple: Biden runs, Trump wins. It’s just a matter of how badly will the Mango Mussolini blow Biden away.

The Democrats are counting on abortion rights to be the winning ticket for Biden. Who knows? They may be right but why take a chance? America’s democracy is at stake.

The Democrats need a younger and energetic presidential candidate to run for the White House. Biden, a very seasoned veteran with barely a pulse, is not going to cut it.

Rather than fundraise for Biden, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama should tell him to pack it in, and live up to his promise of being a “transitional president.” The clock is ticking.

The destruction of the Gaza pier symbolizes the failure of Biden’s ability to deal with the Israel/Hamas war. A portion of the temporary $320M pier fell apart due to heavy seas, reported CNN on May 28.

Biden’s inability to push Israel leader Benjamin Netanyahu into letting food aid convoys into Gaza is the only reason that the pier was built.

The pier represents Netanyahu’s decision to flip the bird at America. It’s as if the US is a client state of Israel, not its primary source of weapons that destroyed the infrastructure of the Gaza Strip and killed 35K Palestinians, mainly women and children.

Biden’s unwillingness to lay down the law for Israel’s prime minister is how he alienated young people, lost their vote, and squandered his re-election chance.

Netanyahu, meanwhile, has ordered IDF tanks into central Rafah, following the deadly airstrike that killed scored of civilians during last weekend. Team Biden had warned Israel not to attack the city, which is filled with thousands of refugees with nowhere to flea.

Netanyahu’s response was to “bug off,” which exposed the US leader as being weak and ineffective in dealing with the Gaza crisis.

What’s Biden going to do? Repair the pier, which has a daily capacity of 15o food trucks a day. The UN estimates that Gaza needs 1,000 trucks a day for a sustained period to head off mass starvation.

And adding insult to Biden’s misery. Right-wing Israelis living in the occupied West Bank have been looting and destroying the food trucks bound to the Biden’s pier.

The IDF was nowhere in sight.

PR skeletons in the closet. The Wall Street Journal’s May 28 story about Exxon Mobil’s feud with the Rockefeller family, shed some light on the shady doings of FTI Consulting.

The firm was hired in 2015 “to scrutinize the Rockefeller charities and formulate a communications strategy.”

FTI’s work was overseen by Exxon’s senior most public affairs executives and most rank-and-file staff were walled off from the effort.

The firm “circulated stories with reporters about what it labeled a ‘conspiracy’ by the Rockefeller charities and wrote blog posts attacking the campaign on a website called Energy in Depth.”

FTI helped create the site for the lobbying group, Independent Petroleum Association of America, which Exxon was a member of until 2022. Since 2015, it has published 200 posts critical of the Rockefeller effort.

My hunch is that FTI’s current management team isn’t very proud of its Rockefeller smear campaign.