Dara Busch
Dara Busch

Dara Busch, who exited the co-CEO slot at 5W Public Relations last month, has been named CEO of Havas PR North America.

She also will oversee Havas Formula, Havas Street and Havas Red US.

Busch had a nine-year run at 5W, including as executive of its consumer practice. She spent 16 years at Rubenstein PR, which included managing its luxury/lifestyle unit, and began her career at Bobby Zarem Inc.

James Wright, global chair of Havas PR Network, said the goal is to “bring in the best talent to achieve our ambitious goals to become bigger, better and bolder.” He believes Busch “has the ideal experience and enterprising attitude to help us achieve this.”

Havas Forumula was No. 26 in O’Dwyer’s rankings with $30.M in 2023 fee income, which was down 12.7 percent from the year earlier period.

5W PR took the No. 12 slot with $61.6M in fees, which was off by 2.1 percent.