Byron Calamese
Byron Calamese

Byron Calamese, who rose to the global head of innovation spot during a five-year stint at Zeno Group, has joined Avoq’s New York office as chief strategy officer.

At Zeno, he drove cross functional innovation and strategic growth initiatives, while also leading its digital and brand marketing practices worldwide.

During a 25-year career, Calamese has experience in the areas of strategic communications, business transformation, digital engagement, multicultural marketing and reputation management.

Besides Zeno, he served as executive VP/New York managing director at Cone, global PR manager for Adidas’ Rockport brand, and chief experience officer at Phoenix House.

“Byron’s expertise makes him perfectly equipped to lead Avoq’s strategic growth initiatives and enhance client service with clear metrics for success and an eye for excellence,” said Avoq CEO Nicole Cornish.

Washington-based Avoq is O’Dwyer’s No. 10 ranked firm with fee income of $89.3M in 2023.