Sonya Soutus
Sonya Soutus

APCO has moved into Ukraine, setting up a shop in Kyiv that is headed by Sonya Soutus.

CEO Brad Staples said Ukraine has shown “remarkable resilience and strong economic performance,” despite the grinding war with Russia in the eastern sector of the country.

APCO’s clients “are seeking better insights and more on the ground expertise to navigate Ukraine’s political landscape and growing business opportunities,” according to Staples, while Ukrainian companies need help in engaging with European markets to attract foreign investment.

Soutus, a 30-year PR veteran and an American of Ukrainian descent, served as chief PA and communications officer at The Nature’s Bounty Company.

In a 20-year stint at Coca-Cola Co., Soutus rose to the senior VP-PA and communications post for Coke’s North America business unit.

Prior to Coke, Soutus was Burson-Marsteller’s group director in Kyiv, leading public education programs for USAID.

She also was first press officer for the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Rome and Kyiv.