Madelyn Flax, sports account supervisor and women’s sports practice lead at FINN Partners, tells Doug Simon that the women's sports movement offers "a multitude of opportunities" for communicators to "share with this broader group of sports fans."

Flax says that "telling the stories of why brands want to align with the women's sports movement" is just one of those opportunities. "The other one," she says, "is the stakeholders. So, whether that is the executives who are getting involved or team owners or people who are coming together to create new leagues, there are so many different ways to tell the story of women's sports."

She tells Simon that communicators have a big role to play in growing the movement past its previous niche statue. "It's really the moment to take those stories and share them with the world."

A big part of that growth is the increasingly close connection between women's sports and the world of entertainment. "Watching the intertwining of sports and entertainment in greater culture has been a really exciting opportunity for me. And really a great place to be creative in terms of what stories we want to tell and the athletes who want to be out there as role models."

She also cites the need for authenticity. That consists of "telling the holistic kind of story of how these women got to be where they are, sharing what it's taken for them to get to this point."

Another big draw for women's sports is that "brands are really looking at female athletes because they're approachable. A lot of them have been doing live streams, Instagram lives, TikTok videos for years to really get in touch with their fans."

Flax also talks about making the economic playing field for female athletes more equitable. "I think you see these women empowered to really push for what their value is."

One thing brands should be thinking about as they look to partner with women athletes, sports leagues or college teams, she says, is the power of digital platforms and how they connect with the passions of the audiences they want to reach, and the causes that move them. "I think this new generation is so digital and so passionate, and just watching how they align with an athlete or a team or a league is so incredibly important."

Flax also emphasizes that "FINN has really been at the center of the women's sports movement since it started. Working with Missy Park of Title Nine on the “Kick in for Equal Pay” initiative was even before everyone was giving women's sports the attention that they deserved. So, being in a place that saw this wave coming and empowered our team here to capitalize on it has been a really exciting experience."

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