Jim Moran
Jim Moran

Former Congressman Jim Moran represents the Biafra Republic Government In-Exile under a contract that went into effect on June 15.

Biafra, which is the eastern part of Nigeria, declared independence in 1967.

The ensuing Nigeria Civil War left about 2M Biafran citizens dead, and generated global publicity due to images of starving children.

Moran Global Strategies is to gain US support for Biafra independence. It is to promote the narrative that Biafra would be a staunch ally of the US and a bulwark against Islamic terrorism in the region.

Morgan Global will raise concerns about the Government of Nigeria, including human rights abuses, religious freedom issues, persecution of Christians, increasing Islamic fundamentalism within the Nigerian government and its alignment with U.S. adversaries,” according to its contract.

The firm will provide lobbying, promotion, perception management, and PR services on behalf of the Baltimore-based client. It will receive a fee of $10K per month.

Jim Moran, a Democrat, represented the northern Virginia communities of Arlington, Alexandria, and Fairfax County, for 24 years.