Robert Dilenschneider

Once again on this July 4th we will proudly celebrate the birth of our nation and rededicate ourselves to the principles the Founding Fathers pledged to uphold when they signed the Declaration of Independence on that date in 1776.

It was an extraordinary act of courage when they dedicated "our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor" to the cause of liberty, for they were defying what was then the greatest military power on Earth. And as history shows, many of them did lose their homes, their families, their fortunes and, all too often, their lives. The Redcoats were relentless in punishing all the signers they could track down. Thomas Jefferson had to flee in the middle of the night to escape them.

We celebrate this July 4th in the midst of an especially heated presidential election. All the more reason, then, why we should pause to consider the many things that unite us despite all the differences that divide us. Our message last year itemized several of them. All the partisanship notwithstanding, that list is still accurate:

• We are the acknowledged leader of the Free World, supported (most of the time) by an alliance of like-minded industrial democracies.

• Our national security is ensured by the world's best trained, best equipped, most dedicated Armed Forces.

• We continue to be the chief source of innovations in science and medicine, technology, transportation, communications and a host of other fields, all of which make us the world leader in entrepreneurship.

• We have what is measurably the world's most productive workforce.

• The vast majority of our young people are filled with the same confidence, optimism and ambition as the many generations of Americans before them.

And so let us be thankful to our Founding Fathers for forging, often at great personal sacrifice, our nation’s independence. Let us continue our nation's historic commitment to making the world a better place.

And let us always remember that our nation has faced many crises in the 248 years since July 4, 1776, and has always come together and has always moved forward.


Robert L. Dilenschneider is the Founder and CEO of The Dilenschneider Group, an international communications firm.