Ronn Torossian
Ronn Torossian

The consumer tech industry is a battlefield. Brands are locked in a constant struggle for attention, with new gadgets and features seemingly released at breakneck speed.

In this ever-evolving landscape, innovation alone isn't enough. To truly thrive, consumer tech brands need a strategic public relations plan from a consumer PR firm.

PR extends beyond press releases and media mentions. It is a comprehensive strategy that shapes how the world perceives a brand.

It is the voice that cuts through the noise, the hand that builds trust, and the foundation for establishing oneself as a leader in the ever-changing tech environment.

Power of visibility

Imagine launching a revolutionary new smartwatch, only to have it disappear in a sea of similar devices. This is the harsh reality for brands without a strong PR presence. A strategic PR campaign ensures a brand gets noticed by the right audience.

Media relations

PR professionals build strong relationships with journalists, tech bloggers, and reviewers. These connections pave the way for securing product placements, reviews, and feature articles in relevant publications.

This targeted media outreach puts the brand directly in front of potential customers actively researching and considering tech purchases. 

Strategic content creation

Compelling content marketing is a cornerstone of any effective PR strategy. This can include press releases announcing new products, blog posts exploring industry trends, or thought leadership articles showcasing a brand's expertise.

By consistently creating valuable content, a brand establishes itself as a knowledgeable resource and increases visibility across online platforms. 

Events and conferences

Industry events and conferences are prime opportunities to showcase a brand and connect with potential customers, media representatives, and industry influencers. Public demonstrations, product launches, or engaging presentations at these events can generate significant buzz and establish the brand as a leader in the conversation. 

Transparency and authenticity

PR isn't just about highlighting successes. It's also about managing a brand's reputation. PR professionals can help navigate crisis situations and address any negative press. Open and honest communication fosters trust and demonstrates a brand's commitment to customer satisfaction. 

Customer testimonials and user-generated content

Positive user experiences are powerful marketing tools. PR can help cultivate and amplify customer testimonials and user-generated content. These real-world endorsements showcase the value the product brings to customers' lives and build trust with potential buyers. 

Establishing thought leadership

The tech industry is driven by innovation. Brands that position themselves as thought leaders are seen as pioneers, shaping the future of technology. PR empowers consumer tech brands to establish thought leadership through various strategies.

Crisis communication

Negative press or product issues can damage consumer confidence. A well-defined PR strategy includes a crisis communication plan. PR professionals can help craft clear, concise messaging and navigate media inquiries during challenging situations. Effective crisis communication minimizes reputational damage and demonstrates a brand's commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction. 


Ronn Torossian founded 5WPR, which is No. 12 in O’Dwyer’s rankings with $61.6M in 2023 fee income.