Singer Associates handles media for California’s city of San Bruno, which is seeking compensation from utility giant PG&E over the 2010 pipeline explosion that killed eight of its citizens, injured 66 others and destroyed almost 40 homes.

On April 1, a federal prosecutor charged PG&E with 12 violations of federal pipeline safety laws.

Sam Singer told O’Dwyer’s his firm “is seeking justice against PG&E.”

The firm, which helped San Bruno win $70M in restitution from the company, is advocating the Golden State’s Public Utility Commission to fine PG&E $2.5B in penalties and fees and establish “an independent monitor to ensure PG&E actually makes changes to its gas transmission lines to ensure no one ever dies again at their hands or because of their gross negligence,” Singer said via an email.

He lauded the criminal charges lodged against the company for its “gross misconduct in pipeline maintenance and other issues that led to its deadly explosion and fire in San Bruno, which is the worst natural gas disaster in US history.

PG&E said via a statement that the indictment has no merit. It said employees did not violate the Pipeline Safety Act and “that even when mistakes were made, employees were acting in good faith to provide customers with sale, reliable and affordable energy.”

The company, according to CEO Anthony Earley, is “going to focus on the future.”

Noting that PG&E has spent $2.5B during the past two and half years, Earley told ABC News the company has an unwavering commitment to safety and is “going to continue that whatever the outcome of the legal proceedings are.”