Donald Sterling's mea culpa interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper was too little, too late and "nothing good came of it" for the LA Clippers owner, said pollster and communications advisor Frank Luntz.

"I think Stalin did a better job of apologizing to the Soviet people for killing 20 million," Luntz said in an appearance on Fox Sports 1. "It took two weeks. He never looked anyone straight in the eye. You know how you apologize? You don't do it on television. You do it, first, face to face. And then you do it in your local community, not on national news."

Luntz said Sterling's appearance appeared strained and forced. "He hemmed, he hawed … he stammered," said Luntz. "And that, to me, says that he was trying to parse his words. And that never works to the public."

Luntz, who questioned Sterling's attack of Magic Johnson, offered three tips for how Sterling could have presented himself in the appearance.

Part two of Sterling's interview with Cooper airs tonight (May 13).