The Supreme Court today handed a huge victory to TV networks, ruling that New York-based Aereo, start-up TV streaming service, violated copyright law.

Backed by media mogul Barry Diller, Aereo's miniature antennas capture broadcast signals and transmit them to customers so they can watch programs 24/7 on their mobile devices, computers and web-connected TVs. Monthly charge for the service is from $8 to $12.

CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox argued that Aereo stole their content, robbing them of billions of dollars from retransmission fees received from local TV affiliates.

NAB CEO Gordon Smith said in a statement. "Today's decision sends an unmistakable message that businesses built on the theft of copyrighted material will not be tolerated." He dismissed Aereo's claim that networks' launched the lawsuit to attack innovation as "demonstrably false.

Diller told CBNC, "We did try, but it's now over."

LaunchSquad handles Aereo's PR account. Virginia Lam heads corporate communications.